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          On Thursday, the two markets were in a narrow range of turbulence, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Index rebounding; the stock index dived in the afternoon, led by the gem. On the disk, insurance, culture, education and leisure, securities trust, banking, telecommunications and other industries showed strong performance; in terms of theme stocks, fuel cell, high delivery and transfer, leasing and selling with the same rights, 5g concept, combustible ice, and secondary new shares ranked the top. Nonferrous metals, coal, precious metals, real estate, aerospace, wine making, environmental protection, etc. fell first. Market volume has shrunk significantly, indicating a lack of short momentum.


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          Fourth, at present, the super main force is still standing still, and all kinds of small and medium-sized institutions are struggling in groups. Although they maintain the activity of the market, they do not have a very concentrated money making effect. Has repeatedly pulled up the plate stocks, it is recommended that every high out. The position is relatively low, or pull up a few stocks, it is recommended to hold shares and wait until they are pulled out.


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