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          Strong reinforcements are naturally also to stimulate the morale of the players, the majority of young teams are eager for the championship, which is also the advantage of the championship for Chelsea. Lampard's first season of operation is also a bright spot, after a season of training can be in the new season again, so in the manager's point, Chelsea are not at a disadvantage. At that time, Mussina and guara are also short-term proof of their own strength, Lampard may also reappear a miracle.


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          In fox city's 1-3 defeat of Manchester City, VALDI took the lead to break the goal, but then maheres shot into the net, Sein Ju Pian into the net, the opponent's luck is really good. At the end of the first half, it was because Pereira fouled sterling in the penalty area and sent a penalty, which made the team from the lead to be countered. It can be seen that Fox city always makes mistakes when facing strong teams, which is the most fatal point. Chilwell also had four steals, one break and two fouls.

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