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          Another news is the normalization of IPO. Zhang Shenfeng, assistant vice chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, said: IPO should be normalized. At the end of the week, nine companies announced a financing amount of 4.4 billion yuan. In fact, this is a negative for the market, but for the securities sector, it may be a partial positive, because the securities companies benefit.



          A lot of times when the situation changes, it will become nothing like this, or it may become a kind of celebration, so it is inevitable for all parties to accelerate the introduction of aid. So far this summer, it can be said that the most in place, the team is now full of talent, only need to bring in one or two people. The first match of the blue team will be on September 15, when the blues play Brighton away. Fans are looking forward to seeing the performances of hafts, chilville, Tiago Silva, Werner and zieh, among them, they have high expectations for hafts. After joining Chelsea, the player said he couldn't wait to play for Lampard and learn from him because Lampard influenced Hafez during his playing career.

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