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          Before the start of the new season, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal did not attract much, but also made some supplements. At present, united only officially announced van der Beck's joining, and Sancho also felt like a soap opera. Captain Maguire is also involved in a lawsuit, which also needs the Red Devils to supplement his position. However, the role must not reach the level of Maguire. Therefore, the Red Devils' new season is full of unknowns, and may also have a poor performance in the early stage of the season. After all, if there is a defense problem, the record can not be guaranteed Proof.


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          Because the real estate stocks in Hong Kong stock market are very light, because a large number of stocks are held by Evergrande and rongchuang, and the shareholding ratio is more than 75%, or even 80%. There are very few stocks in the market that are really in circulation. A small trading volume can influence the market trend. So, you can see that the daily trading volume of Evergrande and rongchuang in Hong Kong stock market is very limited, which is not worth mentioning in China.


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